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Courtney Brown

Prof. Courtney Brown

Is an Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist with a passion for High Performance Computing (HPC). He leads the Cybersecurity Program at Merritt College as well as the Computer Science program which has Cybersecurity electives. He also teaches in the Computer Science department at City College of San Francisco where he created the CUDA Teaching Center with a grant from NVIDIA. He is the coach for Merritt's National Cyber League (NCL) Team !NULL (bang-NULL) which was top 10 in Spring 2018 Gold bracket. !NULL sent two teams to fall 2018 NCL earning #5 out of a field 189 in Gold (highest) and Bronze brackets.


Merrit College Computer Science Degree and Certificate (pending)

Merritt College Cybersecurity Degree and Certificate


Introduction Parallel and Cloud Computing

Intro. to DevOps/ Build Automation for DevOps & QA