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Merritt Students #1 Silver Team Fall 2019 National Cyber Leage (NCL)Merritt #1 ranking NCL Silver 2019

Merritt Students #1 in California SANS 2019

Merritt College #1 in 2019 SANS Cyber Fast Track Competition


Merritt Graduates are eSurance Superstars

Merritt Graduates Noah Newdorf and Jesse McManus at eSurance


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Alejandro Ramirez

arnie palmer

He firsr heard about the program while taking computer classes at Laney College. Some cyberseccurity pograms caught his eye and after taking a chance on CIS 71 "Introduction to Information Security" , Alejandro knew that he had found a new passion. Read more at

Academic Programs & Career Education

Looking to start or find a new career? There are many reasons to look into the field of cybersecurity, one of the fastest growing careers in the country, which focuses on protecting computer systems from unauthorized access. We offer:

Associate in Science - Application Security (software)

Associate in Science - Infrastructure Security (hardware)

Associate in Science - Computer Science with Cybersecurity Concentrations

Associate in Science - DevOps Security/Dev-Sec-Ops (pending)

Cybersecurity - CodePath preparation courses and Certificate of Achievement (pending)

Certificates of Achievement are recommended for students who already hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in any subject. See our Catalog Update for Course Descriptions or visit the Merritt College Site for additional coursess and schedules.

African American Barber in MexicoList of Course Numbers and Enrollment Steps

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Merritt's fully accredited program is team-taught by industry professionals in a hybrid format, and there are virtual lab assignments using online NETLAB+ that you can complete from anywhere using only a web browser. The last three class terms are a combination of class lectures and labs as well as paid internships at local Bay Area companies to extend classroom learning. Each year students take the skills they have learned and participat4e in the National Cyber League (NCL) competitions.

Meet our Advisory Board and Instructors

Merritt Cybersecurity is NICE Logo

Merritt courses are aligned with the (National Initiative for Cyberscurity Education This assures that you can continue your studies at other colleges and universities that use the NICE framework. It aligns your preparation with the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA) used in federal job descriptions throught Knowledge Units (KU) contained in each course. You can view Merritt's Course to Knowledge Unit to KSA mapping at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies

Merritt Computer Science Degree & Certificate Makes Impact in Oakland!

KTVU Report Merritt Computer Science Brothers Code

Merritt's A.S. in Computer Science is the first ever in Oakland or any Alameda County City. A Certificate of Achievment is available for people who already hold a Bachelors degree in another subject.You can enter the workforce as a software developer or continue your studies in a Bachelor of Science program in the UC, CSU, or Cal Poly system, and Howard University. In 2014 the average salary for the Bachelor of Computer Science was $140,000. Student Success is supported by the STEM CORE program with embedded tutors that prepares you for entry level jobs in the STEM Core Network and Local laboratories.

We embrace community partnerships to reach interested youth and in December of 2019 hosted the 7th Annual Brothers Code with the Hidden Genius Project and the Kapor Center. This detailed advisory and description of opportunities Lets you plan your pathway to the #1 out of 100 Careers in the nation. Thanks to KTVU Reporter Sara Zendehnam for high quality coverage. Read more in my LinkedIn article.

Scholarships Available for Tech Students

The Consortium of Information Systems Executives (CISE)
This scholarship is awarded once a year in the Spring to recipients from Merritt College. The amount will vary from year to year. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for students pursuing careers in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Engineering. 

Apply through the Peralta Colleges Foundation Unified online form  and search for:  “Consortium of Information Systems Executives”

Merritt Hosts 6th Annual Brothers Code with Hidden Genius Project

Group Shot Attendees Brothers Code 2018

In celebration of National Computer Science Education Week, Hidden Genius Project (HGP) hosted its 6th Annual Brothers Code event, in partnership with Kapor Center and sponsored by Kaiser Permanente and Stripe. More than 100 participants came to Merritt College for a full day of innovative programming. This year’s event marked a milestone for our Hidden Genius Alum as ALL workshops and activities were facilitated by HGP Youth Educators!

Raffle of prizes by Brandon of Hidden Genius Project

Spotlight w/ Shonda Scott:

Congresman Ro Khanna visits Merritt

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National Cyber League: !NULL (BangNull) Merritt Cyber Club

has Three Years of Top 10 Finishes

Rev. Dr. Kathryn Benton





With only one year of classes behind them, a team of students from Merritt's Cybersecurity Program won second place in the 2015 Fall National Cyber League post season games in individual and team compettition. Strong performances in the following years have earne Merritt College the status of a sponsored school with Facebook's CodePath program. They met with Ro Khanna about what makes the Merritt program so effective..

Merrit #4 in Gold NCL Bracket

Merritt is #4 Gold Bracket for NCL 2017

Cybersecurity Partnership with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)

Prof. OkonmahProf. Chjiundu Okonmah

Dual Enrollment has brought CIS 5 "Introduction to Computer Science" to Oakland High School. Prof. Okonmah is teaching one of the required courses for Merritt's Cybersecurity program. Students who choose to enter the program will have a head start with an essential course completed, all for FREE!

Peralt College District Logo Peralta Engages Merritt Cybersecurity

Home-grown expertise upgrades security for systems and operations.

Hire Our Students!

Student rankings in several compettions #1 in NCL Silver Fall 2019

CISE - Placement Web Site Helps You Safeguard your Company's Information

Our accredited two-year program offers majors in Infrastructure Security and Applications Security. Both tracks emphasize hands-on learning that prepares student to immediately join any team. You can improve your security today by taking part in our seasonal job fair or by visiting the year-round placement site

Christina Hanson, part of the 100%

of Merritt graduates who have secured work in their chosen field of Cybersecurity

"I had always been technical, but in my previous careers it was never the main focus."

Like many students in the program, Christina entered the field of cybersecurity from a completely different career. While working as an Architectural Manager at a Home Owner's Association, Cthristina started explring other career opportunities. It was Cyber security tthat piqued her interest.. "One of he classes I took ws CIS72 "Network and Security Administration" and I was hooked! Read more about Christina...

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